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News About the Dojo

(Just Some of the Latest Happenings)

This September the PNKF held it's annual Iaido Seminar/Tournament and Shinsa.  As usual it was a well attended event with some outstanding training available to everyone who attended.

Abbie Benoit, Maurice Benas and I attended and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  They also took the opportunity to participate in the Tournament and the Shinsa.  They both gave their best performance for the Tournament and did a great job.

At the Shinsa, Abbie Benoit tested for her Shodan and passed.  Congratulations to her for passing this milestone in her training.  Maurice Benas tested for his Nikkyu and also passed.  Congratulations to both of you for your outstanding performances!

The Cast of Characters

Edward Olson - Godan, Iaido; Sandan, Jodo

Kathleen Newcomer - Sandan, Jodo

Kathleen Jorgensen - Nidan, Jodo

Robert Neff - Shodan, Iaido; Ikkyu, Jodo

Abby Benoit - Shodan, Iaido; Shodan Jodo

Lynda Shipley - Shodan, Iaido

Katie Shipley - Shodan, Iaido

Richard Milde - Shodan, Iaido

Robert Manley - Shodan, Jodo

Duane Benoit - Ikkyu, Jodo; Sankyu, Iaido

Donald Wentworth - Ikkyu, Iaido

Michael Harris - Ikkyu, Jodo

Maurice Benas - Nikyu, Iaido

Jennifer Erichsen - Sankyu, Iaido

Justin Nedrow

Kelvonte Bates

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